Who You Are Is What We Do ℠

You’ve spent years—maybe even decades—developing a dream, promoting a product, building a business. You’ve accepted challenges, overcome adversity, and accomplished something great. You’ve been asked many times, “So what do you do?” And when you give an answer to that question, it’s not business, it’s personal. It’s a part of your identity.

So how do you protect that identity, to be sure that when people see your work, they know its yours? Two words (and a conjunction): trademarks and copyrights.

Trademarks protect the brands you use to identify your business, the slogans that tell the world who you are, and even the unique designs of your packaging and products. Copyrights protect your creative expression. Trademarks and copyrights both can be registered with the federal government; both can be licensed for other parties to use, under your control and to your benefit; and both can add to your company’s value as intangible assets that increase the company’s worth.

And if you’ve been accused of infringing someone else’s trademark or copyright, the firm offers a full range of defense options, from responding to cease-and-desist letters, to proceedings before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board, to full-blown litigation.

Please give us a call at (833) 993-3363 or send an email to Trademarks@CharlesLandrum.com to learn how the firm can help you protect or defend your identity through the use of trademarks and copyrights.